Week 5: Lake Titicaca

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Being busy and not having wifi for the last half of my time in Peru made it nearly impossible to share the weeks as they passed. But as always, late is better than never!

The highlight of my fifth week was a weekend visit to Lake Titicaca. It was a chilly, beautiful, exhausting, relaxing, totally touristy, and yet somehow-still-authentic experience.

But first, some cheese.
...and the last meal with my host family before I left them to spend the remainder of my stay in the school's dorms.
Ok, back to Titicaca.
We arrived to Puno just in time for an early breakfast and the sunrise over the lake.
Photo opportunities like this...are why I travel.
All in all, we spent eight hours on our little boat. The roof had the views and the breeze; the deck had the cushions and the warmth; the inside had the ability to rock you to sleep to the sound of the World Cup.
The floating island of Uros! Quite an impressive lifestyle of innovation: they floated on, made their houses with, traveled by, made toys from, and ate, reeds.
My room on Amantani, an island with not much to do but dance, hike, keep warm, and watch the sunset over the lake and the nearby snow-capped mountains of Bolivia.
From where I sat at my host's kitchen table.
I'm almost positive that I ate more rice and potatoes during my time in Peru than I did in the last 2-3 years.
Venders set up for tourists waiting to watch the sunset over the lake.
I kind of wandered away from the group and almost spent the night roaming the hills of an island with nothing but seemingly identical houses and fields on a winter's night. But wondering if I was going to later be featured on "I Shouldn't Be Alive" was totally worth the moon, silhouettes of backpackers, and last rays of sunlight that were captured in this shot.
Waiting to dance with the locals!
Week 6, comin' soon. :)

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