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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Living life to its fullest in the awe-inspiring land of Southern California. On most days I can be found colliding with things on the campus of CSUCI as I walk to and from class with my nose lodged in book (probably a Malcom Gladwell or C.S. Lewis), with any spare time generally spent either exploring somewhere new or typing out the paragraphs that scroll through my mind.

It would seem I've lived in a lot of places; and although I suspect that Oregon and I would be good friends, Florida holds the biggest chunk of my heart.

I'm particularly fond of watercolor, laughing, salted caramel lattes, campfires, chili with cornbread, and my absurd collection of scarves.

Anything good / hopeful / beautiful / worthy of gratitude in my life, I owe to Christ.

I'm Shauna.

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