Just be

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This week is spring break.

Breakfast in CO with my parents.
(Mom: "Take a picture of the food!"
Dad: " 'This is my food as it's getting cold...' ")

Normally I would have something adventurous planned -- something somehow-grand on a Shauna-richter scale. And while I am getting restless for a roadtrip, I'm feeling pretty satiated from my whirlwind adventure to Colorado that I made earlier this month to attend a John Eldridge seminar (still basking in it a bit).
And now I'm content to just be.

Just being has involved

waking up whenever my eyes blink open.

sitting in a cafe and staring out the window as the cars go by.

marveling at how green the grass has been made by the springtime rain.

being early to yoga, and making small talk with the people I lay my mat next to every week, but never get to know.

being on time to a friend's birthday dinner, and not being too busy to bring a carefully selected card,
gift, and bouquet of flowers.

smelling said bouquet of flowers a dozen times before relinquishing them to birthday-friend.

sitting down to play a song on the guitar -- twice a day.

standing in the mirror for ten minutes wearing my cap and gown.

long talks with my parents.

finishing that amazing, but thick, book I started over Christmas break.

Life can be so bittersweet. But you know, when you slow down enough--enough to be aware of what you're feeling; of your breath as it pushes and pulls from your lungs; of the fact that hours go by more like seconds, and years go by more like days--I can't help but appreciate how good it is just to be alive.

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