Week 2: Feelin' local

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hard to believe my second week here has already come and gone and I'm a quarter of the way through my stay! I will say, though, that I'm really enjoying the familiarity earned during the first week: I now know the correct---I mean most convenient bus stop home, the cafe that offers the cheapest chocolate caliente, and the corners where you can buy a llama keychain or avocado sandwich for one nuevo sol. The rest is best said by pictures.

(Loving my mirrorless Olympus & M.Zuiko 17mm lens; the almost-quality of a DSLR in the form of an inconspicuous point-and-shoot. Surprised/sad I didn't discover mirrorless sooner.)
Professor & class room.
 A shot from horseback riding last week. Practically fresh off the plane, and I was riding past sheep in a foreign countryside on the back of an animal named Poco Poncho... yep, that was a bit surreal.
 One aspect of my daily life that hasn't changed is the cups of tea I drain everyday.
I'm in love with San Blas! I can't say it's not touristy, because as the venders in the picture below indicate, it has its moments. But it's more of an expat kind of touristy. Less pushy-venders standing by to hassle families wearing khaki fishing hats and more of just doing life. All the culture, but with cheaper food and less bussle.
This is the main square at dusk.
An entree from the restaurant I intend to remain obsessed with. For lunch they serve a salad, an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert---all vegan---for 10 soles, or the rough equivalent of $3.59.
Visited four art/history museums this week! The explanations for most of the pieces have either been entirely in Spanish or essentially non-existent, but as usual I just like to gape at las pinturas
Afternoons spent in the plaza can mean making friends. :)
Finally finding time to re-discover a forgotten hobby.
 Mercado Central de San Pedro

Tried this thing on the recommendation of a guy from Wales named Tom... not a good idea for anyone who's picky about their textures. 
I'll be nice and leave the topic of the meat market at this...
Hiking through the amazing Incan ruins of Saksaywaman. And yes, Peruvians are painfully aware of the name's English phoneticism. (Thanks for the shot, Sarah!)
Next week... :)


  1. Wow! Keep em coming. Gorgeous pics. Got a good chuckle from those chicken feet and a small shock from the heads. :-P. Very cool stuff. What an experience huh and I know that no matter how amazing the pics are the experience is even better on the other side of the camera. So glad you love to involve us all in your adventures. <3


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